Thursday, September 6, 2012

DISH Network packages Help Me to Stay Home and Relax!

I am definitely not the person that likes to sit still for very long. My friends and family call me the energizer bunny. Even at 2 and 3 a.m. I am continuously still going and going. I never know for sure where I am going to be or what I am going to be doing.
I work a lot also so I never really have time to go out and enjoy myself. I have several friends who are always asking me to go to movies, parties and to clubs. I’m really just not interested in those types of things.

One weekend I went home to my parent’s house and they were sitting in front of the TV watching a movie. They never even realized that I had walked into the house. Someone could have come in and robbed them and they never would have known it. They were watching a movie on Dish. After it was over, my mom told me that she had never watched such a great movie and that she was glad that they had subscribed to the services. She said that the DISH Network packages were very affordable and that she and dad could enjoy quality time together. I never knew how she actually sat still long enough to even watch a movie until I actually started watching one with them.

My parents have started staying indoors and watching movies a lot. I decided that I would sit down and watch one with them. At first I was thinking that I would be glad when the movie was over and it had barely started. Then as the movie progressed, I started thinking that it was very interesting and that I might actually want to sit and watch it. My parents never even moved throughout the whole movie and neither did I. When it was over, I was shocked to hear myself say that I wanted to watch another one. That was the first time since I was a little kid that I had sat down and watched a whole movie.

I have always been one to stop and pause and leave and then come back. But the Dish movies were like no other. My parents said that the movie was in HD. HD allows you a whole different viewing experience when it comes to movies. It’s like no other. I actually felt like I was a part of the movie. The pictures were clear and the sound was phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All weekend long my parents and I enjoyed great entertainment. We watched so many different movies. There were movies that we watched that had been out for many years that I had never even heard of. I felt like I was in movie land or something. A few times my dad got up to prepare food and they would pause the movie. I found out that their receiver was an HD DVR that allowed them not only to pause and stop movies and shows but it allowed them to record movies too. I had never heard of anything like that so I was in complete amazement. How did my parents know about such great technology and I never did? That was a puzzle. I’m guessing it was because I didn’t even own a TV!

After spending the weekend with my parents, I decided that I was going to call and have Dish installed in my home. I went and bought a big flat screen TV too. DISH Network packages were hard to choose from. They had so many amazing deals and offers. I still didn’t know that much about movies or satellite TV so I decided that I would go with America’s TOP 200. I received an HD DVR, FREE Installation and a FREE HD receiver. I also had access to movie channels such as HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ and SHOWTME. 

I was so happy with the package that I had purchased. I had great entertainment in my very own home. I started having friends over on the weekends. No one ever asked me to go anywhere with them anymore because I was always inviting them over to my house. I started going to bed earlier and I never seemed to be as busy as I used to be. I also found that my body was not as tired. Thanks to Dish, I can sit at home and just relax!