Thursday, September 6, 2012

Great DIRECTV Package Deals

Are you tired of regular old cable? Want more exciting entertainment and package deals? Look no further because DIRECTV packages come with affordable price tags and excellent entertainment. This is the advertisement that I received in an e-mail.
I was really thinking about deleting the e-mail and then I started thinking. I was so tired of my regular old cable service. They were so expensive and the quality of the programming was not good at all. So, I researched the package deals that DIRECTV had to offer. I was really amazed at my findings.

I have now been a DIRECTV customer for 8 months. Not once have I had to call and complain about the services. From day one I have had quality entertainment delivered to every room of my house! My family and I are absolutely amazed. The DIRECTV package deals were hard to choose from. They were all such great offers for very cheap prices. I figured that I would have to be out of pocket quite a bit of money for such excellent bargains but I wasn’t. For only $29.99 a month, the DIRECTV Family Package has more than 50 channels family programming and family oriented music channels. Want to watch something with the kids?

The Family package has you covered 100%. Need more channels? No problem! DIRECTV offers other packages as well. The Choice Xtra package offers you a lot of DIRECTV specials! New customers will receive HD DVR’s and up installation in up to 3 rooms of your home. You also receive over 210 channels. Many of these come in HD! DIRECTV's most favored entertainment package is called the Premier package. There are over 285 top rated channels to choose from, including 40 premium movie channels and more than 35 action and sports channels. Last but not the lease is the Choice Ultimate package. This package is DIRECTV’s Best Value package. Choice Ultimate If you choose to order the Choice Ultimate you will receive over 225 digital channels, including 11 premium movie channels.

Since bringing DIRECTV into my home I have enjoyed endless hours of quality entertainment. I have found myself entertaining my friends more. At least twice a week I have several guests come over. I cook on the grill and then we sit back and watch the sports channel or HBO! I could not be any happier. Not to mention I have talked several of my friends into switching from their local cable providers to DIRECTV. Kind of sad though because these are the friends I never see anymore! They now have a reason to stay at home!

Before I purchased DIRECTV, I was always trying to find fun and entertaining things to do. Sometimes I would end up having to spend more money than I anticipated on having a nights worth of fun. After a while, I started looking for other ways to save money yet have fun. That’s when I decided to purchase DIRECTV. Every once in a while I decide to take road trips.

I have yet to find a hotel that has access to DIRECTV so I just use my laptop and log onto my account and watch my movies! Yep, even when I am away from home I can still watch my favorite movies. For the movies that I can’t watch, I just set my DVR to record them so when I come home from my road trip I can sit down and watch them. DIRECTV has so many great deals! Not only do I have so many channels to choose from but several of them are in HD!

High Definition brings so much quality picture and sound to my movies. Half of the time I feel like I am in a movie theater. I have also purchased a digital surround sound system so it makes my movies sound phenomenal. Oh and how could I forget! DIRECTV also offers customers Cinema movies! These movies are newly released and highly demanded. I love the CINEMA movies. They are way cheaper than actual movie theater movies and I can watch them in the convenience of my own home. I am so happy that I purchased the Choice Xtra DIRECTV package!

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